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Factory Honda Brake Calipers Online

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Brake Calipers Q&A

Q: What are They?

A: primary parts of disc brake systems. Brake pads attach to them, and they each have at least one brake piston, depending on the type of caliper.

Q: How Many Does a Honda Vehicle Have?

A: it depends on what model it is. Many of them have front calipers only, though some can have both front and rear calipers.

Q: What Do They Do?

A: contact brake rotors using the pads, generating the friction vehicles use to slow down and stop. (Drum brakes do the same thing with brake drums and brake shoes.)

Q: How Do They Work?

A: when you step on the brake pedal, the master brake cylinder activates, pressurizing brake fluid and sending it through brake hoses and lines; this forces the pistons to fasten them to the rotors.

Q: What are the Signs They're Going Bad?

A: there are many, including:

  • Warning lights on the dash (for instance, brake or ABS lights)
  • Buildup and corrosion around the seals
  • Brake fluid leaking onto the wheels and/or into the engine compartment
  • Unreliable brake pressure
  • Pulling sideways when braking
  • Squealing noises
  • Continuous grinding

If you see any, do a complete brake caliper inspection and replace any that the results deem necessary. Before you order new ones, though, be sure that they're the genuine article.

Q: Why Buy Genuine OEM Brake Calipers?

A: Honda designs them to fit your model specifically. That assurance, you may not always get from the aftermarket.

Q: Where Can I Order Replacement Brake Calipers for My Honda Online?

A: from the catalog here at our auto parts store. Browse it with your vehicle's information (model and model year) filled in to find what's compatible more easily. Buy now, and we'll ship fast, delivering to your door ASAP.

Repair Kit, Front Brake Caliper Disk
Part Number: 8-97287-264-0
Other Names: Repair Kit Front More Names
MSRP $59.96
MSRP $59.96
Caliper, L Front Disk Brake
Part Number: 8-97287-239-0
Other Names: Caliper L Front More Names
MSRP $448.62
MSRP $448.62
Caliper, R Front Disk Brake
Part Number: 8-97287-238-0
Other Names: Caliper R Front More Names
MSRP $448.62
MSRP $448.62
Caliper Core Front
Part Number: 2-91226-005-C
Replaces: 2-91226-001-C, 2-91226-003-C, 2-91226-901-C, 2-91226-903-C, 2-91226-905-C, 2-91226-907-C, 2-91226-909-C, 2-91226-911-C, 2-91226-913-C, 2-91226-915-C, 2-91226-917-C, 2-91226-919-C, 2-91226-921-C, 2-91226-923-C, 2-91226-925-C, 2-91226-927-C, 2-91226-929-C, 2-91226-931-C, 2-91226-933-C, 2-91226-935-C, 2-91226-937-C, 2-91226-939-C, 2-91226-941-C, 2-91226-943-C, 2-91226-945-C, 2-91226-947-C, 2-91226-949-C, 2-91226-951-C

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