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OEM Honda Insight Parts and Accessories

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Shopping for parts and accessories for Honda Insight online? You can buy them almost anywhere, and figuring out what's going to be compatible with your car is no problem. After all, the model years, trims, and engines that Honda has offered have been few enough to narrow things down.

For one, though the hybrid ran for three generations, each was short. The first was from 2000 to 2006, while the second was from 2010 to 2014 and the third began in 2019. Secondly, what was initially a two- and four-door liftback is now only one body style, a four-door sedan. Third, the model initially only came in a base trim, and it only had one engine choice: a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder VTEC. The 2010s, on through 2019 into 2020, 2021, and 2022, features only four trims -- base, EX, LX, and Touring -- and only two engine options, a 1.3-liter or a 1.5-liter, both depending on model year. Best of all, they all had (and still have) all the parts and accessories you've come to expect to see in a hybrid sedan like those Honda makes: auto climate control, LED brake lights, and alloy wheels, automatic emergency brakes, LED ambient console lighting, and leather seats, you name it.

Finding top-quality parts and accessories at the right price, however, can be a problem. You usually get one or the other. Shop the parts counter at a Honda dealership, for instance, and you'll get OEM parts, but you'll pay MSRP, and that'll cost you. Shop a website that does aftermarket parts, and you'll probably pay less, but quality almost certainly won't be up to OE standards. Looking to buy replacement parts for those that are, say, common problems for a Honda Insight? Things like fuel pumps, transmissions, EVAP solenoids, and batteries and such? Getting the best parts possible cheaply is basically non-negotiable.

You're in luck. You can get OEM quality here, not to mention pay less for it.

Why Buy from Honda Parts Mart?


  • We sell only genuine Honda parts and accessories -- those made for your Insight hybrid specifically. That means they'll both be manufacturer quality and fit and work just like factory parts.
  • Our prices are often less than MSRP, and you can get up to 35% off in many cases. Just select your model year, trim, and engine in our catalog to start browsing.
  • Most parts and accessories carry a Honda warranty. See any covered defects in materials or workmanship? Honda will take care of them, and you. That's peace of mind you can't always get on the aftermarket.


Order Genuine OEM Honda Insight Parts and Accessories Online

Buy today, and we'll ship to any US address, fast. Local pickup is available, too, if you live in the Bedford OH area. Contact us anytime with any questions.